Free Internet Access
This product is designed for the mortgage professional who has the need to access the mortgage guides and has the ability to connect across the Internet.  This service is free of charge to users and can be acquired by simply clicking on the Register button on the left side of this screen.
CD and Internet Access
An updated CD is shipped to each of your branches or locations on a monthly basis.  This CD has our 32-Bit Windows application which allows for the browsing, searching and printing of the mortgage guides from your desktop.  This product is designed for both the standalone system as well as a corporate network.  This is a great choice for companies which may have limited or no access to the Internet.  This product also includes the ability for your users to access the guides across the Internet if they so choose.
Intranet Appliance
We prepackage our electronic guides onto a standalone system capable of attaching only to your internal network.  This system is updated on a scheduled basis in order to insure both the currency of the data as well as the security of your internal network.  This appliance can be setup either at your location or at ours with a dedicated connection directly to your facilities.

For more information or to answer any questions you may have regarding our products, give us a call toll free at
1-877-ADFINET (233-4638).

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