Why Advertise? 
The electronic guides that we provide are available to the thousands of mortgage industry professionals who need regulatory information in order to conduct their business.  This group of professionals includes processors, underwriters, closers, brokers, loan officers as well as many other individuals in fields related to the mortgage industry.  Your ads could be placed in front of the very people who order the services which you may offer.  
Sponsorship Program
This program is designed for organizations and companies wishing to take advantage of their position in the mortgage industry in conjunction with their members, customers and potential customers.  This program allows you to give out a login and password, which has been setup specifically for you.  Persons who register using this id and password will receive your sponsorship ad each and every time they login for as long as your sponsorship program runs.  Sponsors also participate in a free banner ad program as well as receive discounts on subsequent banner ads.
Banner Ads
This program allows your banner ads to be displayed at the top and or the side of the ADFINET screens.  These ads are rotated as users view different pages throughout the entire website.
Banner Ad Specifications
Type Maximum Size Format Allow Animation Hyperlinks
Horizontal 468 x 90 pixels JPEG, GIF Yes Yes
Vertical 400 x 80 pixels JPEG, GIF Yes Yes

For more information or to answer any questions you may have regarding advertising, give us a call toll free at
1-877-ADFINET (233-4638).

ADFINET reserves the right to disallow any ads in which it feels are not in a suitable format, either in content or structure for this website.

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